Allison  is the Executive Director of FAB Authority (501c3) & sits on several not-for-profit boards such as,  Rancho Coastal Humane Society.  She volunteers and is a donor for several other local San Diego not-for-profits. She is very active in her community and loves to support when & where she can.

Allison Andrews is the Founder of Fashion Week San Diego  as well as the President of APA Business Consulting, Inc.  She is a leading expert in San Diego on Fashion and the Business of Fashion.

Fashion Entrepreneur

Allison has been a public speaker at corporate events, keynote at graduations, college classes, industry workshops, emcee for events, and has been on several news channels. She loves to share her insights and motivational stories with others. Expert in event production for not-for-profits or for profits alike.

Public Speaker & Event Production 

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